Moving back to the farm soon. Things will me much easier once we’re there and everything we need is close by. 

I’ll be sad to leave behind the big kitchen, plentiful outlets and huge windows/natural lights of the house we’re at now but I’ll be happy to have my donkey neighbors back. 

We’re painting the apartment and trying to get more lights to make it warm and cozy. It’s been fun but I’m ready to just get the move over with. 

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I’ve been practicing out sit/stays around the house and on walks with Gimli much more lately. He’s been a particularly difficult dog to train simply because of his unknown past, I’m going to assume there was some sort of abuse based on his reaction to even the most pleasant corrections I give him. I’ll tell him, “oops,” in a friendly voice and gently place him back into position but half of the time he’ll collapse to the ground and roll over. If training is going on a little bit longer than he’d like and he feels overwhelmed he freezes and stares at the ground.
Luckily these instances are happening less frequently and he’s becoming more and more confident. He’s such a good boy and so much fun to work with.

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I’ve always been torn over the idea of receiving flowers.

One one hand, it’s a nice gesture, they’re pretty, they smell nice.
On the other, they start to wilt within a week and soon they have no more use.

I didn’t have enough flowers to make potpourri but I had a single rose.
Taking the rose apart was actually a little depressing. I don’t receive flowers as gifts very often because I’m usually pretty vocal over my distaste of being given something that’s going to die in a few days. I like practical gifts.


And now to turn it into syrup.

I had about a cup of petals so I went with the standard one and one with the sugar and the water, brought it to a boil and then let it simmer for a little while.

The color it produced is so beautiful. I was doing this last night though and I couldn’t get the right lighting without washing everything out

This morning I added a little balsamic to make it a balsamic-rose shrub. Something about it didn’t turn out quite right though-even before adding the vinegar- so I’m not going to post the recipe until I figure out what went wrong.
I’m going to be on the hunt for more pesticide-free roses or possible just buy some food-grade dried petals and attempt this one again.

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Strawberry-Basil Simple Syrup

Being that Andrew has his fancy mixologist job, shrubs and unique simple syrups have become something that I’ve been playing around with at home.
Earlier this week I made a strawberry-basil simple syrup which I handed out to a few of my co-workers that didn’t think those two items would taste good together. “Strawberry pizza,” was a flavor concern from my friend Michelle.
I came home to make a new batch but I realized I was dangerously low on strawberries, so instead I made a mixed berry and basil simple syrup which was just as good, if not better.

1 cup berries (thaw before hand if using frozen)
1 1/2 cup fresh basil leaves, whole
1 cup sugar
1 1/4 cup water

Add fruit and basil to a large mixing bowl, slowly add sugar over top and muddle as you go.
Mix until the sugar is blended in and the fruit is well pulverized. I’m not at writing this kind of thing so bear with me.

Combine water and berry soup and bring to a boil while stirring. I usually let it boil for about a minute before pouring it into a mason jar to cool down. Done. Easy. Delicious.

One of my favorite things to do with this stuff is put a couple ounces into a glass with an ounce of lemon juice and some seltzer. Berry-basil fizzy lemonade.
Over ice cream is good too.

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New blog and Blue Apron

I had a little blog from when I traveled out west but since I’ve removed myself from facebook I figured I’d start something new to share what I’ve been getting into lately.

Yesterday was Valentines, Andrew and I spent the evening seeing a good friend of mines band so that was pretty exciting. I’ve been such a hermit ever since I moved out of town, I don’t get out too much. It doesn’t help either that all the fun starts around the same time I’m usually headed to bed.

Today I got my first ever package from Blue Apron. I had a $30 off coupon which is what prompted me to experiment with them. The box was heavy and as I was unpacking I was a little skeptical with the appearance of the portion sizes. Tonight we made baked ricotta cannelloni with a salad and not only was it more than enough, it was pretty delicious.

Gimli was a good helper.